HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Set Max 84% OFF of Cart 1 Purple $37 HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart, Set of 1, Purple Office Products Office Furniture Lighting of,Storage,Medium,1,,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Cart,,3,$37,Drawer,HOMZ,Purple,Set,/esophagospasm1605767.html,bodas.nyc HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Set Max 84% OFF of Cart 1 Purple of,Storage,Medium,1,,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Cart,,3,$37,Drawer,HOMZ,Purple,Set,/esophagospasm1605767.html,bodas.nyc $37 HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart, Set of 1, Purple Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Set Max 84% OFF of Cart 1 Seasonal Wrap Introduction Purple

HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart, Set of 1, Purple


HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart, Set of 1, Purple

Product description


This 3 medium width drawer storage cart from Homz is an ideal storage solution for your home or office. Crystal clear plastic drawers enable you to see the contents inside the drawers and access them with ease. Optional 4 wheel casters are also included, making this storage cart mobile in a breeze. Homz offers simple, smartly designed home organizational solutions that make life a little easier and a lot nicer. This item can be used in any room of your home, toy rooms, craft rooms, bath rooms, laundry rooms, closets and more. This versatile and portable storage unit can also be used in classrooms, dorm rooms and offices.

HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart, Set of 1, Purple

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