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With the largest network of local New York wedding vendors, Bodas.nyc offers the most comprehensive wedding site out there. You will be able to find the best vendor for your budget and plan your wedding exactly the way you envisioned it. We make it simple to get the pricing, availability, and answers you need from wedding venues and wedding vendors across every town.

In addition to the wedding industry’s best and brightest wedding vendors, WeddingWire offers free, easy-to-use wedding planning tools like customizable wedding checklists to keep your tasks in order, You can stay on top of all the details while on-the-go with the WeddingWire app, which features a wedding countdown to your big day.

Meanwhile, our dedicated team of editors provides you with the very best wedding ideas and curated wedding photos filled with inspiration to help you choose between florists, cakes, wedding photographers and wedding venues when you start planning the details. Bodas.nyc will help turn your vision into a reality!