Spectra,DTP01A,/esophagospasm1602567.html,Industrial,Engine,Pan,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Oil,bodas.nyc,$62 $62 Spectra Industrial Engine Oil Pan DTP01A Automotive Replacement Parts $62 Spectra Industrial Engine Oil Pan DTP01A Automotive Replacement Parts Spectra Industrial Engine Pan Outlet SALE Oil DTP01A Spectra Industrial Engine Pan Outlet SALE Oil DTP01A Spectra,DTP01A,/esophagospasm1602567.html,Industrial,Engine,Pan,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Oil,bodas.nyc,$62

Spectra Industrial Engine Pan Outlet Super sale period limited SALE Oil DTP01A

Spectra Industrial Engine Oil Pan DTP01A


Spectra Industrial Engine Oil Pan DTP01A

Product description

Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium Oil Pans meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment Oil Pans they replace. 100 percentage performance and vehicle engine fit tested. Washed, then sealed with an anti-corrosive spray on both interior and exterior. Durable powder coating applied to exterior of Oil Pan. Coating salt spray tested for over 200 hours in accordance with ASTM B117 standards.

From the manufacturer

Spectra Industrial Engine Oil Pan DTP01A

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