Automotive , Interior Accessories,583113-G,Set,Lund,Catch-It,,Carpet,2,of,Front,Liner,,/miscellanarian1149887.html,$21,Seat,Floor Automotive , Interior Accessories,583113-G,Set,Lund,Catch-It,,Carpet,2,of,Front,Liner,,/miscellanarian1149887.html,$21,Seat,Floor Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Year-end gift Set of Liner 2 Floor $21 Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Floor Liner, Set of 2 Automotive Interior Accessories $21 Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Floor Liner, Set of 2 Automotive Interior Accessories Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Year-end gift Set of Liner 2 Floor

Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Year-end gift Set of Max 46% OFF Liner 2 Floor

Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Floor Liner, Set of 2


Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Floor Liner, Set of 2

Product description

Lund Catch-It Carpet floor liners catch everything that lands on the floor, keeping your vehicle’s floors looking new with a custom-molded base. This unique design not only hugs your floors, but also blocks mud, moisture and dirt from getting past the liner. Catch-It Carpet floor liners are made from a durable yet flexible polyolefin material, for a dressy look and is soft as well as stain resistant. They combine the best of both worlds – all-weather protection along with a plush carpet feel as the perfect solution to your floor liner needs. Catch-It Carpet floor liners are engineered to last a lifetime and feature a custom-molded design that fits your vehicle perfectly for a full coverage, factory-installed look along with an aggressively nibbed underside ensuring your liners stay firmly in place at all times. The carpet is molded to a thick rubber backing, forming an extremely dense layer of protection against dirt and moisture. Our unique anchor system fastens the liners in place, which means no sliding – your liners will stay exactly where you placed them. Integrated grommets mate to factory floor liner posts. Reinforced molded edges prevent distortion and waviness giving you the best fitting protection. A 1-1/2"" raised lip around the perimeter of each carpeted floor liner traps and hold spills (up to 1 quart). Cleans easily – the stain-resistant treatment makes cleaning your liners as simple as hosing them off and hanging them to dry. Available for all seating rows and cargo areas. All Lund Catch-It Carpet floor liners are made in the USA and backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Lund 583113-G Catch-It Carpet Front Seat Floor Liner, Set of 2

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