|,Electronics,Speakers,$116,Bluetooth,Wireless,LU48BTS,bodas.nyc,Portable,/macroplasia1386683.html,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Dual |,Electronics,Speakers,$116,Bluetooth,Wireless,LU48BTS,bodas.nyc,Portable,/macroplasia1386683.html,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Dual $116 Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers | Electronics Portable Audio Video Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speakers New color Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speakers New color $116 Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers | Electronics Portable Audio Video

Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Bluetooth Portable Ranking TOP17 Speakers New color

Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers |


Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers |

Product description

Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers | TruWireless Stereo | 100ft Wireless Range | Loud amp; Deep Rich Bass | 12 Hour Playtime | IPX4 | No Wires Needed | Sold in Pairs
The Dual Electronics LU48BTS Stereo Sound Portable Bluetooth Speakers with 12-Hour Playtime, IPX4 and built-in Tru Wireless Stereo Technology (Sold in Pairs) will make a great addition to your home and/or outdoor space. These portable and light-weight Bluetooth speakers will fill any room or outdoor space with stereo sound quality. The best part is that you can either listen to one Bluetooth speaker or have them paired via their built-in technology for great amplified music without the worry of connecting wires. The weather resistant IPX4 coating will allow each Bluetooth speaker to sustain splashing water from any direction so you have peace of mind when taking them on the go. Their state-of-the-art rechargeable long-lasting Li-ION battery will provide you with a 12-hour playtime at full charge and the convenient front facing USB charging bank allows you to charge your smart device while streaming your favorite music from Pandora, Spotify, i Heart Radio and more. Don’t let its compact and light weight design fool you, inside your Bluetooth speakers is a highly efficient Class-D amplifier, 3-Way component speakers, 2. 16-inch polypropylene cone midrange and 4-inch parabolic polypropylene injected woofer for highly quality sound without any distortion. The high-grade components that were used to assemble your Bluetooth speakers allow you to have a frequency response of 45Hz-22kHz and 100ft of range for Wireless Connectivity. Backed by our 1 Year that s a hassle-free experience with excellent customer service.

Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way High Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers with Powerful Bass | Effortless Mounting Swivel Brackets | All Weather Resistance | Expansive Stereo Sound Coverage | Sold in Pairs
The Dual 4 inch outdoor speaker series is designed as a multipurpose speaker and will deliver accurate high fidelity sound in exterior or interior environments. Weather-resistant design and construction provide optimum durability for permanent or temporary outdoor use. 100 watts peak -50 watts RMS. Polyelite woofer with PVA surround. 40mm polypropylene cone midrange, 20mm Piezo tweeter
The Dual Electronics LU43PB 4 inch 3-Way High Performance Indoor, Outdoor amp; Bookshelf Studio Monitor Speakers with Swivel Brackets amp; 100 Watts Peak Power will make a great addition to any home. Your pair of 4” 3-Way high performance speakers will enhance any sound system and make acoustic waves regardless of placement. Their compact but efficient design provides you with 100 Watts of Peak Power, 50 Watts RMS, 4-6 Ohms and Frequency Range between 100Hz-20kHz for unrivaled sound superiority. The versatile swivel brackets allow your speakers to be installed on the wall or ceiling with a 120 degree range of motion or in a vertical or horizontal placement with a 90 degree range of motion for accurate high fidelity sound where you want it.
We understand how unpredictable the weather outside can become so we took all necessary precautions. Your Dual Electronics speakers are coated with a UV resistant resin and placed inside an ABS enclosure protecting it from the elements and preserving sound integrity making them great patio speakers. When designing your LU43PB high performance speakers we included all the components for high quality long lasting sound. That includes a 4 inch woofer for low sounding bass, 1 inch Midrange Polypropylene Cone providing better heat resistance and enhancing your music experience and the ¾ inch Tweeter that produces reliable high audio frequencies for unrivaled sound performance.
Backed by our 1 Year Warranty that guarantees a hassle free experience with excellent customer service.

Dual Electronics LU48BTS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers |

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