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Mares Max 84% OFF X-Vision Mask 2017 1 year warranty Version

Mares X-Vision Mask (2017 Version)


Mares X-Vision Mask (2017 Version)

Product description

The Mares X-Vision two-window Mask is a great choice for vision underwater. In just a few years the X-Vision has become a benchmark in diving masks. This product's success derives from meticulous computer design and numerous optical tests. These results have been confirmed by the many replicas and copies of the product. The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled windows provide the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. Field of vision 20% wider than previous version. Mask has quick-adjusting ergonomic buckles that are positioned directly on the skirt: the mask can easily be stowed in a pocket of the BC. The X-Vision Masks low internal volume, low drag design and its very light weight 6.7 oz. (189 g) make it a great mask for the traveling diver. The X-Vision has dual tempered safety glass lenses, a double feathered edge ultra-clear silicone rubber skirt and wide X-shaped silicone split mask strap, both features for added comfort and fit. Small ribs around nose help relieve pressure on the face. Mask is equipped with an easy to reach nose pocket that allows one-handed ear equalization even when wearing gloves. Mask is available multiple color choices, and comes with a mask box.

Mares X-Vision Mask (2017 Version)

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