Wild Zoo Furniture CPU Online limited product and Stand White Tan Printer $48 Wild Zoo Furniture CPU and Printer Stand, White/Tan Office Products Office School Supplies $48 Wild Zoo Furniture CPU and Printer Stand, White/Tan Office Products Office School Supplies Wild Zoo Furniture CPU Online limited product and Stand White Tan Printer Stand,,and,Printer,Office Products , Office School Supplies,bodas.nyc,Furniture,White/Tan,Zoo,/interneuronic1602554.html,CPU,Wild,$48 Stand,,and,Printer,Office Products , Office School Supplies,bodas.nyc,Furniture,White/Tan,Zoo,/interneuronic1602554.html,CPU,Wild,$48

Wild Zoo Furniture CPU Online limited product and Stand White Tan Max 54% OFF Printer

Wild Zoo Furniture CPU and Printer Stand, White/Tan


Wild Zoo Furniture CPU and Printer Stand, White/Tan

Product description

The cpu/printer stand and/or lamp table provides a compact area for your printer and tower, freeing up desktop and shelf space. it can also serve as an attractive chair side or bedside lamp table. solid wood legs and frame, with rounded corners and dent resistant edge banding. designed to compliment both the pc and buddy desk, the table will accommodate a computer tower up to 21-Inch tall. 18-Inch wide by 16.5-Inch deep by 23-Inch tall.

Wild Zoo Furniture CPU and Printer Stand, White/Tan

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