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Weatherbeeta Tweed Max 55% OFF Atlanta Mall Dog Coat

Weatherbeeta Tweed Dog Coat


Weatherbeeta Tweed Dog Coat

Product description

Stylish tweed outer with warm fleece lining. Include full wrap belly closure perfect in cooler months for extra warmth. Features collar with leash hole for convenience

Benefits Stylish tweed outer with warm fleece lining Large collar for added warmth and comfort Includes full wrap chest and belly closure with touch tape closure

Follw these simple steps to keep your dog looking sharp;

Remove excess dirt with hose or stiff brush Hand washing recommended with Mild soap if machine washed max temperature 30c/85f on a gentle cycle front load washers only Line dry Do not tumble dry or Dry clean Do not use bleach

Please note that where applicable, sizes shown are United Kingdom sizes.

Weatherbeeta Tweed Dog Coat

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