Bianchi Model 56 Serpent Belt Slide Sales Hand Left Holster 56,Bianchi,Model,Left,Serpent,$38,/impostorism1380402.html,Slide,,Holster,,Belt,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Hand 56,Bianchi,Model,Left,Serpent,$38,/impostorism1380402.html,Slide,,Holster,,Belt,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Hand $38 Bianchi Model 56 Serpent Belt Slide Holster, Left Hand Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Bianchi Model 56 Serpent Belt Slide Sales Hand Left Holster $38 Bianchi Model 56 Serpent Belt Slide Holster, Left Hand Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Bianchi Model Industry No. 1 56 Serpent Belt Slide Sales Hand Left Holster

Bianchi Model 56 Serpent Belt Slide Holster, Left Hand


Bianchi Model 56 Serpent Belt Slide Holster, Left Hand

Product description

This thumb snap holster for semiautomatics and small frame revolvers is a two-slot design and rides high on the hip and close to the body for excellent concealment. It features a fully molded holster front, giving a beautiful contoured appearance, in addition to being more comfortable to wear. The large rectangular thumb snap is a safety feature, helping to reduce the chance of the snap being caught in the trigger guard. Fits up to 1. 5 in. (38 mm) belt width and is available in Plain Tan or Plain Black finish.

Bianchi Model 56 Serpent Belt Slide Holster, Left Hand

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