$56,/imbower1606041.html,GLX14-M,3,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,DD-NA,Men's,bodas.nyc,Diadora $56 Diadora Men's DD-NA 3 GLX14-M Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $56 Diadora Men's DD-NA 3 GLX14-M Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men outlet Diadora Men's DD-NA GLX14-M 3 outlet Diadora Men's DD-NA GLX14-M 3 $56,/imbower1606041.html,GLX14-M,3,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,DD-NA,Men's,bodas.nyc,Diadora

Limited Special Price outlet Diadora Men's DD-NA GLX14-M 3

Diadora Men's DD-NA 3 GLX14-M


Diadora Men's DD-NA 3 GLX14-M

Product description

Diadora top performance soccer shoe. Ultra lightweight upper and unique breathable sole. Perspiration can escape, yet water stays out. Dual density rotax design cleats for traction and stability. Touch control finish helps grab the ball for better direction.

Diadora is proud of its Italian heritage and the legions of World Class athletes who have chosen and continue to use their products. For years top players have looked to Diadora for performance and style that comes from using the finest materials and learned Italian craftsmanship. Today's athlete demands top quality, superior fit and features that make a difference. Diadora delivers. Known and respected the world over, Diadora is focused on your passion.

Diadora Men's DD-NA 3 GLX14-M

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