$25 Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pockets Pullover Hoodie Dress Tu Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Women's,Tu,Hooded,Dress,Long,$25,Pullover,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sleeve,Hoodie,Auxo,bodas.nyc,Pockets,/imbower1150041.html Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pullover Hoodie Mail order cheap Pockets Dress Tu Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pullover Hoodie Mail order cheap Pockets Dress Tu Women's,Tu,Hooded,Dress,Long,$25,Pullover,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sleeve,Hoodie,Auxo,bodas.nyc,Pockets,/imbower1150041.html $25 Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pockets Pullover Hoodie Dress Tu Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Auxo Women's Long Sleeve San Francisco Mall Hooded Pullover Hoodie Mail order cheap Pockets Dress Tu

Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pockets Pullover Hoodie Dress Tu


Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pockets Pullover Hoodie Dress Tu

Product Description

Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pockets Pullover Hoodie Dress Tunic Sweatshirt

Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with Pockets

  • Package Contents : 1 Top
  • Material : Cotton + Polyester, breathable, soft, perfect for daily wear
  • Size : Small / Medium / Large / X-Large / XX-Large / 3X-Large
  • Color : Dark Grey / Army Green / Wine Red / Black / Light Cyan / Lemon yellow / Grass Green / Dirty Pink / Classic blue / Rose / Light Grey / Rainbow Print / Lips print
  • Occasion : Daily wear / casual / street / work / party / beach / travelling / holiday / shopping / indoor or outdoor activities
  • Washing : drying instructions : Hand wash or machine wash, do not use chlorine bleach, hang to dry

Baggy Sleeve Oversize Sweatshirt Tunic Dress With Pockets


  • You Can Wear It As a Mini Dress With Your Jackets In Chilly Cold Days.
  • Pair It With Your Flat Shoes, Boots, Sneakers Flip-Flops Or Wedges For a Trendy Daily Look,It Can Be Casual And Also Can Be Sexy
  • This Sweatshirt Dress Fits For Running,Yoga, Jogging, Dating, Leisure / Casual, Outdoor, Sporting, Working, Party For Spring/Autumn/Winter Season
1 1 1 1 1 off shoulder sweatshirt
Tie-Dye Hoodies Colorful Hoodies Camo Hoodies Leopard print Hoodies Lip Hoodies off shoulder sweatshirt
Long Sleeve
Tunic Sweatshirt For Women

Kindly Notice

1.There Is 2-3% Difference According To Manual Measurement.

2.Please Check The Measurement Chart Carefully Before You Buy The Item.1 Inch = 2.54 cm

3.Please Note That Slight Color Difference Should Be Acceptable Due To The Light And Screen.



  • Q 1: Does it shrink on the dryer?
  • A : No, washed several times in the past year, no issues, goes back to original size and doesn't fade/wear.

  • Q2:Is it soft and comfy? Are the pockets bulky and lay/look weird on the hips?
  • A :It is very soft and comfortable and the pockets are flat not bulky

  • Q3 : Do they run small?
  • A : Not really. I like my hoodies baggy and I order an xl. Fits well. I’m 5’8 with 42 D

Auxo Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Pockets Pullover Hoodie Dress Tu

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