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Genuine Toyota Accessories PT936-03120-06 Front Cypress Max 63% OFF Do Complete Free Shipping Pearl

Genuine Toyota Accessories PT936-03120-06 Cypress Pearl Front Do


Genuine Toyota Accessories PT936-03120-06 Cypress Pearl Front Do

Product description

Color:Cypress Pearl

Helps provide vertical door edge protection from dings and chipped paint. Helps protect your Camry's vertical door edges from dings and paint chips with color matched genuine Toyota door edge guards. Offering economical protection, door edge guards help preserve the vehicle's like-new appearance while seamlessly blending into its sleek, streamlined styling. Economical protection that can help preserve the vehicle’s appearance and resale value. Body color matched to the vehicle's exterior factory paint. Constructed from ultra-strong, roll-formed 400 series stainless steel. Encapsulated in thermoplastic to help prevent any metal-to-metal contact. Custom formed for a perfect fit to door edge contours. Compression fit with no need for adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Seamlessly blends into the vehicle's styling. Tested for temperature, weather and impact to resist cracking, fading and peeling. Meets Toyota's strict engineering specifications for quality, fit and finish.

Genuine Toyota Accessories PT936-03120-06 Cypress Pearl Front Do


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