$21 Felo 07157 31846 6 pc Torx Hex Precision Screwdriver Set Set Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Felo 07157 31846 Regular store 6 pc Set Hex Precision Torx Screwdriver Felo 07157 31846 Regular store 6 pc Set Hex Precision Torx Screwdriver $21 Felo 07157 31846 6 pc Torx Hex Precision Screwdriver Set Set Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Screwdriver,/homoerotism1149655.html,Precision,$21,07157,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Set,Set,pc,Felo,6,Hex,31846,bodas.nyc,Torx Screwdriver,/homoerotism1149655.html,Precision,$21,07157,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Set,Set,pc,Felo,6,Hex,31846,bodas.nyc,Torx

Felo 07157 31846 Regular store 6 pc Set Hex Precision Torx Purchase Screwdriver

Felo 07157 31846 6 pc Torx Hex Precision Screwdriver Set Set


Felo 07157 31846 6 pc Torx Hex Precision Screwdriver Set Set

Product description

Product Description

Ergonomically refined design Blades manufactured from chrome-molybdenumvanadium steel Superior torque which exceeds DIN and ISO requirements by up to 100% Anti-roll handle design Pleasant soft grip material for highest torque Smooth, seamless handle for maximum comfort

From the Manufacturer

Felo precision screwdriver handles are ergonomically designed with a freely rotating cap for minimal friction and a hanging hole for easy storage or inserting lever. The full-length polypropylene core handle has a pleasant soft-grip outer material for added comfort, as well as an anti-roll design. The screwdriver blade is made of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel with a black tip for precision fit. Sizes torx T6, torx T7, torx T8, torx T9, 1.5mm hex and 2mm hex.

Felo 07157 31846 6 pc Torx Hex Precision Screwdriver Set Set


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