1260LM,July,H11,Running,6500K,/geophysicist1380359.html,Fog,Lights,bodas.nyc,$49,King,Day,LED,18W,LED,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,La July King LED Day Running Lights 1260LM Fog 6500K La 18W H11 San Francisco Mall July King LED Day Running Lights 1260LM Fog 6500K La 18W H11 San Francisco Mall 1260LM,July,H11,Running,6500K,/geophysicist1380359.html,Fog,Lights,bodas.nyc,$49,King,Day,LED,18W,LED,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,La $49 July King LED Day Running Lights 6500K 1260LM 18W H11 LED Fog La Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories $49 July King LED Day Running Lights 6500K 1260LM 18W H11 LED Fog La Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories

July Max 77% OFF King LED Day Running Lights 1260LM Fog 6500K La 18W H11 San Francisco Mall

July King LED Day Running Lights 6500K 1260LM 18W H11 LED Fog La


July King LED Day Running Lights 6500K 1260LM 18W H11 LED Fog La

Product description

Product Name: dedicated LED fog lights daytime running lights for Toyota Reiz Mark X 2010+ etc.

Product material: ABS materials + LED lamp bead + aluminum plate + aluminum metal heat sink
Color: White LED - 6500K color temperature
Product Specifications: 18-watt LED light

The location of replacement of the original car fog lights, no punch, viscose, convenient and fast; the original car fog lamp switch control.

A. Daytime running lights effect on vehicular traffic and to serve as a warning, which can effectively reduce the risk of accidents; decorative effect is also quite good, exactly like the original parts, no need to worry about car inspection and other issues;
B. Near light effects: direct color temperature 6500K night as the low beam lights use more than enough;
C. fog lights use effects: rain and fog weather penetration comparable to normal HID lamp type used as fog lights.

July King LED Day Running Lights 6500K 1260LM 18W H11 LED Fog La

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