$25 Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Panel Fixed Mount Suitable f Office Products Office School Supplies Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Suitable Austin Mall Mount f Fixed Panel $25 Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Panel Fixed Mount Suitable f Office Products Office School Supplies bodas.nyc,f,Flat,Folding,Fixed,Mount,Suitable,Stand,/excelsin1380463.html,Monitor,Portable,Panel,Office Products , Office School Supplies,$25 Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Suitable Austin Mall Mount f Fixed Panel bodas.nyc,f,Flat,Folding,Fixed,Mount,Suitable,Stand,/excelsin1380463.html,Monitor,Portable,Panel,Office Products , Office School Supplies,$25

Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Suitable Austin Mall Mount f sold out Fixed Panel

Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Panel Fixed Mount Suitable f


Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Panel Fixed Mount Suitable f

Product description

Size:10-27" upgrade

Portable Folding VESA Monitor Stand Flat LED LCD Computer Monitor Stand Mount Suitable for 10-27 inch Screen, Height Adjustable 8-10 inch

Upgradable 8-10 inch height telescopic adjustment, 180° tilt lift, 50x50, 75x75,100x100 (mm) VESA compatible

20mm gasket and small hollow design in the middle, can simplify the management and heat dissipation of the connector cable

Heavy-duty non-rust aluminum alloy metal body with solid support, maximum 22 pounds

360 degree rotation is adjustable, you can switch the screen freely in all directions

Free adjustment and disassembly tool for stand

Please note:

If your monitor does not have vesa holes and cannot be installed directly, it is recommended that you choose to add a VESA adapter. If you are not sure, you can take a picture on the back of the monitor and ask us to confirm.

The problem of cable plugs has been significantly improved. It supports HDMI cable plugs and 1.6-foot high power cords.


Monitor Stand*1

Accessories(screws, washers, hex key etc.)

Portable Folding Monitor Stand Flat Panel Fixed Mount Suitable f

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