MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit Ride Fully Heig Classic Adjustable $588 MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Heig Automotive Replacement Parts Automotive , Replacement Parts,/dong1606090.html,Fully,MAXX,Heig,Lowering,Coilovers,,$588,Kit,,Ride,MMX3920,Adjustable, $588 MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Heig Automotive Replacement Parts MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit Ride Fully Heig Classic Adjustable Automotive , Replacement Parts,/dong1606090.html,Fully,MAXX,Heig,Lowering,Coilovers,,$588,Kit,,Ride,MMX3920,Adjustable,

MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit Ride Fully Heig All stores are sold Classic Adjustable

MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Heig


MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Heig

Product description

pgt;The Godspeed Project MAXX coilover for 2000-2005 Toyota MR-S (W30) is for the tuners that want a track oriented setup that also provides daily commute comfort. With 40 levels of damping valve adjustment, you can easily adjust from stiff to soft simply by twisting the knob. Featuring mono-tube design with large capacity 52 mm dia. JIS seamless carbon steel shock body filled with IP F.A. 5W damper oil with properly valved 44 mm internal pistons to endurance competitiveness on a track course or daily spirited driving on public road. Cold wound springs are made from high tensile SAE9252 steel to ensure durability. Vehicle ride heights are adjusted with lower brackets to offer maximum shock travel in order to provide comfort compared to lowering springs alone. Mostly billet aluminum hardware accessories are used for its weight saving property in order to reduced overall weight of the coil-over system yet remain durable. All parts are replaceable and most importantly shock absorbers can be rebuild for customization or simply purchase replacement cartridge without spending too much for complete new coil-over system. You will experience quicker response times, improved bump absorption and increase grip to increase the safety when pushing your car to the limit!


  • 40 precise levels of damper adjustment
  • Mono-tube Design With Anodized Shock Body
  • Lightweight aluminum shock components and T7075 forged aluminum / carbon steel brackets.
  • 52 mm carbon steel shock body with a 44 mm internal piston.
  • Independent ride height and spring pre-load adjustments.
  • Italian IP F.A made shock oil with a high viscosity index.
  • Front camber adjustable plates are included(whereas applicable)

Prior to installation, verify all hardware and properly tighten and spring are preload suspension to10 mm.Our technical department is available to answer any other questions.

MMX3920 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Heig

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