SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White) Inventory cleanup selling sale $86 SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White) Office Products Office School Supplies IC,$86,Stereo,SONY,ICD-PX470F(W)(White),/dong1602490.html,,recorder,Office Products , Office School Supplies SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White) Inventory cleanup selling sale $86 SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White) Office Products Office School Supplies IC,$86,Stereo,SONY,ICD-PX470F(W)(White),/dong1602490.html,,recorder,Office Products , Office School Supplies

SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White) Inventory cleanup selling sale New product!!

SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White)


SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White)

Product description

Sony linear PCM compatible IC recorder 4GB built-in + external micro SD card slot installed (white) SONY ICD-PX470FWC

SONY Stereo IC recorder ICD-PX470F(W)(White)

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