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ROYAL HERB FOAM with Pure Spasm price Gold Aloe vera leaf Bargain sale extract G Flakes

ROYAL HERB FOAM with Pure Gold Flakes, Aloe vera leaf extract, G


ROYAL HERB FOAM with Pure Gold Flakes, Aloe vera leaf extract, G

Product Description

Japan's Premium Gold Flake Skincare

Since 1987, Royal Cosmetics has been a leading manufacturer of gold flake skincare products. With more than 250,000 customers using our products worldwide, we enhance the skin's beauty by using the finest ingredients and the latest scientific research. Learn more about the art of Royal Cosmetics.

Gold Skincare for All

Gold Skincare for All

Gold, one of the world's most popular and well-known materials, has been valued for its special properties since the beginning of time. As one of the softest minerals, it will not tarnish nor discolor. Royal Cosmetics uses a balanced formula of pure water and gold's unique characteristics to produce everyday skincare products.

  • Gold Flakes: From our company's establishment, gold has been the core ingredient of our products. Each product uses a generous amount of 1/10,000 mm gold flakes.
  • Herb Essence: Herbal essences, such as aloe vera and Japanese medlar leaf provide moisture and skin protection.
  • Saccharomyces Dissolution Essence: This unique yeast extract both firms and protects the skin from dryness.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Na amp; Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: A double dose of hyaluronic acid facilitates the skin's absorption of moisture.
  • Phosphoric Acid Ascorbyl Mg: A derivative of vitamin C, this helps protect against blemishes, freckles, and chapping.

8 Unique Characteristics of Royal Cosmetics

  1. Gold Flakes Gold flakes have been used in everything from food to medical, dental, and acupuncture applications. When in contact with the skin, gold helps release negative ions and helps with blood circulation in the body.
  2. Environmental Consciousness Our products use no artificial fragrances or colors.
  3. Oil-Free Products With natural herb extracts and hydrogen water, our oil-free products help moisturize and keep the skin hydrated through plant-based ingredients.
  4. Exfoliating Properties Royal Cosmetics products can help to remove old skin cells and dirt from pores, assisting in the natural rhythm of skin regeneration.
  5. Animal Free With only plant-based ingredients, our animal-free products help maintain the skin's ideal condition.
  6. All Skin Types Our natural gold-flaked products are suitable for all skin types and ages.
  7. Both Simple and Economical With just two steps—washing and moisturizing—our products can save you time and money.
  8. Hydrogen Water Known for its anti-aging properties, all Royal Cosmetics products use high-quality hydrogen water.
Gold Flakes Amount Max Max Normal Normal Normal
Halal Certificated Quality

Certified Halal Quality

ROYAL HERB FOAM with Pure Gold Flakes, Aloe vera leaf extract, G

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The Power of Academic and Community Providers


UofL Physicians is one of the largest, multi-specialty physician practices in the Kentuckiana region. With over 700 providers, 100 practice locations and 78 specialties, UofL Physicians’ academic and community physicians care for all ages and stages of life, from pediatrics to geriatrics with compassion and expertise. UofL Physicians academic providers are professors and researchers at the UofL School of Medicine, teaching tomorrow’s physicians, leading research in medical advancements and bringing the most progressive, state-of-the-art health care to every patient.


We work collaboratively to create a welcoming environment for all of our patients. Everyone’s health care needs are different, and we work with our patients to create plans that fit their lifestyles.

Clayton M. Smith, M.D.


UofL Health values your health and well-being. We have expanded our telehealth program, UofL Health – Telehealth, to improve patient access to over 675 of our providers, while maintaining social distancing, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to provide patient-centered care with compassion and excellence. We want to ensure everyone in all of our communities can address their health care needs conveniently and safely with peace of mind.

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