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KYOETSU Safety and trust Geta Men Japanese Albuquerque Mall Traditional Brown Wooden Sandals Paulo

KYOETSU Geta Men Japanese Traditional Wooden Sandals Brown Paulo


KYOETSU Geta Men Japanese Traditional Wooden Sandals Brown Paulo

Product description

"Geta" are Japanese traditional sandals, the most popular and classic footwear
to match with Yukata!

Made of Paulownia wood, whose softness made it a widely used material since
ancient times, they are very light and durable.
The anti-slip rubber sole makes them silent and even more comfortable, so you
can wear them all day long without getting tired.

The 2.5cm thick fabric strap, called "Hanao", has a soft stuffing and the back
part that comes in contact with the skin is made of soft fabric.
The Hanao will soften with usage and it will fit even more comfortably to your
feet without hurting.

Even in a modern society where walking has become less common, more and more
Japanese are choosing to wear Geta for their feet and legs' health.

Geta's main body has a thick and solid structure and the stylish Japanese
pattern design makes them a perfect match for kimono and yukata, but also
for casual clothes like jeans.

*We recommend that you choose one size smaller than your usual shoe size.

◆ Size details ◆
* Approximate size.

[6.5-7.5 (about 9.6")]
Bottom total length: 9.6"/ Sole maximum height: 1.3"/ Maximum width: 3.9"/
Thong to heel: 7.9"/ Thong to toe: 1.5"

[8-9 (about 10.2")]
Bottom total length: 10.2"/ Sole maximum height: 1.4"/ Maximum width : 3.9"/
Thong to heel: 8.5"/ Thong to toe: 1.8"

[9-10 (about 10.6")]
Bottom total length: 10.6"/ Sole maximum height: 1.4"/ Maximum width : 3.9"/
Thong to heel: 8.9"/ Thong to toe: 1.8"

[10-11 (about 11")]
Bottom total length: 11"/ Sole maximum height: 1.4"/ Maximum width : 4.1"/
Thong to heel: 9.3"/ Thong to toe: 1.8"

KYOETSU Geta Men Japanese Traditional Wooden Sandals Brown Paulo

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