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Rockport Men's Sharp and Colben Oxford Ready Max 47% OFF Long-awaited

Rockport Men's Sharp and Ready Colben Oxford


Rockport Men's Sharp and Ready Colben Oxford

Product description

We redefined classic oxford silhouettes: Rockport style, lightweight with latex foam cushioning that helps reduce foot fatigue. A shoe that compliments any ensemble.

Rockport has always been one step ahead of the times, believing the perfect shoe has not yet been invented. This positive dissatisfaction compels them to constantly improve upon their footwear. Founded in 1971, they were the first company to use advanced athletic technologies in casual shoes to achieve lightweight comfort, and the first company to engineer walking comfort in dress and casual shoes.

From the manufacturer


Rockport has been powering your busy days since 1971 when we made dress shoes truly comfortable, by adding sport technology into the design – the very first company to do so. Today we continue to push boundaries to give you the best combination of comfort and style.

We know life can keep you changing gears, even in the span of one day. With our shoes’ tech-based engineering, you’ll keep the pace – and then some. Because a life on the go doesn’t power itself.

Explore our wide selection of dress casual shoes that look as good at the pub as they do at the office.

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Rockport Men's Charles Road Apron Toe Oxford Rockport Men's Modern Prep Penny Loafer Rockport Men's Robinsyn Waterproof Cap Toe Oxford Rockport Men's Style Leader 2 Bike Slip-on Rockport Men's Palmer Penny Loafer Rockport Men's Parsons Bike Toe Oxford
truTECH Comfort Technology
EVA Outsole
Impact-absorbing Comfort
Stability Shank
Moisture Wicking Insole
What You Will Love This collection features smooth polished leathers in classic dress profiles. Lightweight, stylish and versatile for all-day/season wear, it offers the comfort of a soft knit lining, a cushioning foam foot bed, a lightweight, shock-absorbing outsole. This modern collection is as stylish and comfortable in a business meeting as it is worn barefoot thanks to it's a lightweight comfort system cushioning technology and a unique lining that wicks away moisture to help keep feet dry. The more you wear the Robinsyn WP dress lace-ups, chukkas and zip boots, the better they look thanks to waterproof Hydro-Shield leathers. And they go the distance on all-day comfort with truTECH shock absorption, flexible forefoot, and TPR outsole. With a square toe in a range of gleaming leathers, this shoe adds professional polish to any ensemble. An EVA outsole provides lightweight shock absorption and helps reduce foot fatigue. Choose between classic lace up and slip-on for quick wear. These handsewn leather classics offer a glove-like fit and a durable PU outsole for a smooth, comfortable ride. Pairs well with jeans and a jacket at the office, or out with friends in shorts and a polo. The Parsons collection offers a range of modern work-ready styles drenched in rich suede and full-grain leather. Expect lightweight support and reduced foot fatigue care of truTECH shock-absorption system and EVA outsole.

Rockport Men's Sharp and Ready Colben Oxford



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We’ve been proud supporters of the My Room Children’s Cancer Charity who do amazing work supporting families and children affected by cancer. Please donate to help them fund support services, medical equipment, clinical care, research and trials.