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Limited price sale Now free shipping Bosch A118S Aerotwin Wiper Blade

Bosch A118S Aerotwin Wiper Blade


Bosch A118S Aerotwin Wiper Blade

Product description

Product Description

Contentsthis set of wiper blades contains 2 blades for the front DRIVERS side and front passengers side. Please note that most cars have different size blades on the passengers side and the drivers side so When you see 2 different length blades It will be correct why Bosch wiper blades? Bosch has been manufacturing wiper blades for over 80 years. This vast experience means that Bosch KNOW exactly what it takes to produce the worlds best windscreen wipers. Bosch exclusive rubber technology gives longer life. The blades are all customized to provide excellent fitment and performance. Bosch wiper blades last up to 40% longer than other premium window wipers.What wiper blades do I need? There are 2 main types of wiper blades on the market at the minute, conventional wipers, also called traditional wipers, These are the most common type of wiper blade on the market today. They consist of a metal frame that serves as a mount for the actual wiper. The wiper is a strip made from either standard rubber or halogen-hardened rubber. They are affordable and very effective. Found on the majority of vehicles on the road today. Beam-style wipers known as beam blades, flat blades or beam-style blades. Beam blades are more expensive but look more elegant. They also perform better and last longer than traditional windshield wipers. These are being fitted to all new cars are will soon phase out the traditional style car wiper blade Technical specifications Length 1 [mm]: 600Length 2 [mm]: 400driver position: for right-hand drive vehiclesquantity unit: set fitting position: front wiper blade Type: Flat wiper blade connect or type: check wiper arm connect i on on vehicle.

Set Contains:

  • Wiper Blade
  • Fitting Kit
  • Instalation Instructions
  • Bosch A118S Aerotwin Wiper Blade

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